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Here you will find all information about .ipiranga, the top-level domain operated by Ipiranga Produtos de Petróleo S.A.

Welcome to .ipiranga.

This is the official Website of the Registry .IPIRANGA top-level domain name. Ipiranga Petroleum Products SA is the ICANN approved registry operator of the .IPIRANGA top-level domain.

Ipiranga Petroleum Products SA is an Brazilian conglomerate that is in the field of distribution of fuel. Ipiranga is among the largest fuel distributors in Brazil.

The mission of .IPIRANGA is to provide Ipiranga’s clients and stakeholders a recognizable and trusted identifier on the Internet where they can obtain genuine information about the brand. It will also be used by Ipiranga to increase consumer trust brand.

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Abuse complaints related to .ipiranga can be sent by e-mail to, or by post mail to: Web Marketing - Rua Francisco Eugênio, 329 São Cristóvão Rio de Janeiro - RJ - 20941-900 Brazil


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